The river Arno divides the city center of Florence from
its equally important Oltrarno (over the Arno) zone.
While the center is fundamental for sightseeing and shopping,
Foresteria is located at the front row of the otherside
or perhaps better to say the otherworld of the Oltrarno
on the Arno’s Lungarno Guicciardini with the entrance
in Via Covarelli 2. The Arno has an incredibly important
effect on the Florentine’s lives.

It’s place in history is the soul of the city. Since the Renaissance the river and its bridges and dams have been effected by Wars, Floods, Historical development. The Arno was fundamental for providing sand for construction, fishing, washing wool and providing power for milling grain. The Palazzo Barocchi, home to Foresteria, was one of the first buildings constructed in what was once the grassy banks of the city’s river.

The area developed rapidly with many bottega that provided the necessary artisan labor needed for such constructions. To this day, some of the most talented gilders, restorers and artisans lie within the Oltrarno streets. Piazza Pitti, Boboli gardens, Basilica Santo Spirito, Piazza Carmine among many noble palaces can be visited, as well as in infinite number of Trattoria, Shops and wine bars which have a more relaxed feel than that of the touristic center.